Weight Loss MAP to Freedom


YES, I can help you find your true self when it comes to your weight loss, losing what’s not yours, gaining what is yours and maintaining it  all long term. No diets here, but changes that make sense and are customized to your body and mind.

I am Kimberly Wulfert, PhD, is a licensed psychologist, coach and creator of the Weight Loss MAP to Freedom, the mindful and natural way to lose weight and keep it off for life for women who dream of loving how they look in clothes they want to wear, and feel good and confidently in control of eating every day.

I am a mentor who’s been where you are and overcame the struggle with food, my body and eating. 25+ years later I am still as thin.

The Compass is your Ground Map: a tangible, customized, personal plan that will make losing weight happen for you with more ease and focus through your mind and body than you have experienced with other diets….maybe ever.

Your MAP will also change how your brain works and perceives. After a while, it helps you lose extra weight by automatically implementing (firing patterns) that reflect the new choices you’ve chosen to make in your life.

No one knows your body from the inside out like you do. No one is better suited to lose the weight you carry around right now than you are; no surgery, pills or teas. My coaching program helps you  create the MAP to your thinner self with all the support,  strength and information  from me that you need to help you keep going and find your way out of the compulsions and traps that keep you overweight.

  • For the woman who wants: off the roller coaster, off the yo-yo dieting to not feel the pull to over eat, who want balance and peace with eating. Based on the acronym MAPPING and the directions, customized by and for you, are on the MAPPING Compass we’ll develop in this weight loss program.

M- Mindfully

A- Applied

P- Plan

P- Personalized &

I- Insightfully integrated 

N- Navigation

G- Grounding map

For a no-fee consult- to find out if this can work for you- contact me at: coaching@kimberlywulfert.com

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