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Brain Fog from Food?

When we are stressed out and tired it’s easy to fall back on mindless eating of sugary and simple carb foods. We actually want them because our body is calling out for quick energy, a fix, at a stressed out time.  But this isn’t the way to get it. When you reach for the sugary and processed stuff, realize it’s not in there before brain fog takes over your senses making it even tougher for you to get out from under the  attraction to the brain-numbing foods.

Food that’s manufactured, processed, GMO’s and sugars of all kinds, can fog your mind and shut down critical thinking,  numbing you out to solutions and clear thinking as you go through your day. If you ever needed a clear head it’s when you are stressed and tired because you’re already at a disadvantage. On the other hand, eating nutrient foods, yes even mindlessly, will help you think better, be more alert and energized. 

Sugar also causes inflammation in your body and brain which over time leads to other illnesses and weight issues. Also, sugar has no value to offer your body. When you eat sugar often, you develop a desire for it and when you don’t eat sugar often you lose the desire for it. You just have to go through that tough break-up period!

Remember you can get rid of brain fog caused by a poor diet that easily. There may be other issues causing brain fog such as hypoglycemia,  hormone imbalances, allergies or  food intolerances. Through my interview process, I can help you figure this out. I’ll make referrals to healthcare practitioners if needed for tests or make suggestions for altering your intake of certain foods, and implementing other changes.

Seeing food as medicine is accurate here. Feed your brain nutrition and lots of it at  stressful times when cortisol is roaring through you, and likely keeping you from having restful sleep at night. Can you see the domino effect forming? Food can help to shut that off.

Figuring out the cause of your brain fog is a process that’s well worth the effort and time.  It may turn out to be as simple as a change in your diet to  rid  yourself of brain fog. You’ll never know until you look into it. Give me call, send an email, or ask a question in the comments and let’s talk about your situation. I work with women across the US by phone, as their coach to weight loss and better health through my MAPPING process.

I’d love to hear from you about your experience with brain fog in the comments below.

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