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Changing Course the Easier Way

Have you been avoiding changing the course of a meaningful part of  your life because it’s so darn hard to do? For as many times as you’ve been successful, there are likely more times that the old ways return seemingly stronger than ever. We’ve all been there, but there’s an easier way.

Here are 4 steps that make changing easier because when changing is filled with wonder, paying attention to your life, and finding your direction unfolding in front of you, you’ll never feel completely lost and alone in the climb up the mountain.

1.  Inspiration: Go towards what is regularly calling you, or to put it another way, is frequently grabbing your attention.  This means it’s tapping into what’s inspired inside of you so you’ll manifest it in your life.

2.  Opportunity: Take it by walking through the door when it appears in its form, whatever that is. If you get stuck in what you think the opportunity will look like, you’ll miss it when it comes your way. When you walk through that momentary door, in authority of your Self to open to your life’s meaning, this opens the door, sometimes called a portal,  and tells the Universe you are ready and willing to be shown the way.

3.  Intuition: Intuitively lead your days, your perceptions, and your decisions whether big or small.

  • Start with small decisions to build your fifth and sixth chakra connection. With the fifth chakra, you learn to trust your own voice and speak out. In the sixth chakra, you learn to take a spiritual perspective, one that takes in the whole picture from an observer’s distance that sees all the options available. Seeing from a non-judgmental, curious, receptive point of view, like an objective observer would, enables you to make a decision and to plan not guided by your less conscious emotions and desires.

4.  Meditate to Integrate: Meditation is actually a secular and learned skill. Over time, it gets easier to do, quicker to get into, and is richly rewarding, like muscles building through exercise.  Meditation changes your brain, opens it up and balances its operations, gives the hardware a rest and calms you and your body down. It does this automatically; all you have to do is practice it regularly.

Meditation will also raise your vibration, your energetic frequency, so that new or more options become “visible” to you.

Integration is occurring throughout your body/mind as you live intuitively your Self and stay committed to living your purpose, even if you can’t name it. Living intuitively, you’ll be on your path, named or unnamed by you.

Integration begins internally, but it may never see the light of day. That’s where many women get stuck. I have, many times.

I get stuck when I’m afraid my desire or idea is silly, that I’ll be criticized or fail, so I hide or don’t follow through on the pull of inspiration I feel, or worse yet, I follow it but keep in inside me.

The truth is, the Universe will not support my progression and success if I keep inside what I must share with others. I have to take external action from my internal awareness and do so regularly.

  • First I make the commitment, which is a decision with conviction, to do an action to show I mean it. It can be anything, a prayer, a gratitude for the awareness, lighting a candle as ceremony that you have begun, making a call, or art or journaling are some examples.
  • Then I let the ‘how’ unfold to show me to the next step.
  • Finally I take action on my path. I’m always in a place of free will. I am in charge, and when I”m aware, I can take the action that takes me toward my purpose and expression of my gifts outward.

Always keep in your mind that feedback is helpful. It is not only negative as we fear it will be. It can also be fun, exciting, interesting, and rewarding in many ways. I get new ideas as I walk my talk, meet new people in those arenas, and feel good about being of service no matter how small or insignificant it may be in other people’s eyes. This is my life’s path. That’s the point … our words, art, sharing of self and ideas, work, whatever it is we put into the public … is meaningful to others in ways they reap. We just have to put it out there with kindness in our heart and thoughtfulness in our delivery.

  • So, my blog post today is a step in that direction for me and my Weight Loss MAP to Freedom program which is for women who want to lose weight and keep it off without diets, pills or surgery.

I’d love your feedback. What are your weight struggles? What are you keeping internal that needs to be external? If I can offer some help, I’ll respond to your comments below.

To Your Freedom,



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