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Living Mindfully

What does it mean when you are living mindfully?  Are you in a constant mindfulness meditation? No.

Being mindful means being open, receptive and non-judging about the moment you are in, the present. Accepting and observing what is actually going on in the moment gives you more complete information to help you take more effective actions and make better decisions.

When you are living your days more mindfully, you are letting into your consciousness, awareness more information from all of your senses and your intuition.  Many women today are so busy they live most of their life on autopilot, which is habits and patterns.

Ever wonder why you feel more alive, alert and stimulated while on vacation? 

It’s likely not because of some exotic place you’re visiting. No, it’s likely because you are fully awake to what’s going on around you, mindful, because it is new to you and you are paying attention. You aren’t on autopilot much of your day so you are taking in all that’s new around you. Your brain is releasing chemicals and activating its parts to keep you from harm in the new environment.

Your brain’s primary job is to keep you safe from harm. So it loves to form habits it can know will keep you safe. it forms habits as quickly as it cane, for better sometimes and for worse others times. When we can recognize our patterns, habits, we are mindful and at choice. This is especially powerful for women who want to keep off the weight they lose and for losing it in the first place!

When you live mindfully you can feel this sense of being alive and aware more of the time. Your brain becomes stimulated without going on vacation or buying new things all the time.  You can be where you are, see it through a mindful mind and body and you’ll have a new experience.  So to regarding  food, tastes, restaurants, eating, drinking and grocery stores. They can all take on new dimensions when you are living mindfully.

In what area of your life do you want to become more mindful?  How would it help you lose weight?  Share in the comments below.  And, can you tell me what is in the picture in this post?


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