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How Good Coffee is for You

Yes, you read it right. There seem to be more credible research studies showing the positive effects from drinking coffee (in the morning so that it’s doesn’t keep you up when you want to go to sleep) than there are those showing benefits from not drinking coffee.

coffee plant illusHere are results I’ve read within the last year or so, with the link to the research findings summary:

1. Overall, the highest coffee intake was inversely associated with a risk of malignant melanoma, with a 20% lower risk for those who consumed 4 cups per day or more. There was also a trend toward more protection with higher intake, with the protective effect increasing from 1 or fewer cups to 4 or more.   (more…)

The Brain in Your Gut

Did you know that your gut is considered your second brain? Did you know that about 50% of the dopamine and 90% of the serotonin neurotransmitters in your body are produced  in your digestive track? 

Before human being’s brain developed the newest part of the brain, the third outermost layer called the cortex, the gut served as the guiding brain. “Gut instincts,” “I feel it in my gut,” and other such sayings developed from that and still true today when you listen to the messages coming from your gut.  (more…)

Living Mindfully

What does it mean when you are living mindfully?  Are you in a constant mindfulness meditation? No.

Being mindful means being open, receptive and non-judging about the moment you are in, the present. Accepting and observing what is actually going on in the moment gives you more complete information to help you take more effective actions and make better decisions.

When you are living your days more mindfully, you are letting into your consciousness, awareness more information from all of your senses and your intuition.  Many women today are so busy they live most of their life on autopilot, which is habits and patterns.

Ever wonder why you feel more alive, alert and stimulated while on vacation?  (more…)

Which Meditation Quiets the Brain Most?

Hello ladies. I’m writing to you on Wondering Wednesday about a study on meditation and the brain that intrigues me. Essentially they came to the conclusion that an open focused non-directive meditation causes more activity in the brain, in the thought and emotional processing area, than does concentration meditation.

Researches out of Norway using brain imaging, discovered the areas in the brain that activate when a subject was doing non-focused meditation were quite active processing thoughts and emotions. This surprised the researchers.

They expected the “work” of concentrating on a specific focus would lead to more activity in the brain, then would no focus. So they concluded that the non-focused state in the brain was the resting state or a “resting network.”

Here’s my hypothesis of what is going on here: Our brains are hardwired to (more…)

Where the Body and Mind Connect in the Brain

Most people think to start with food when they attempt to lose weight. So what’s wrong with that you ask?

In Weight Loss MAP to Freedom mentoring my clients start with something that’s related to food but is not the food. Any ideas as to where weight loss really begins?

To be successful, it begins with awareness.  Awareness of eating.  Awareness of how different foods make you feel.  Awareness of how you feel in your body or your mind before you reach for food. (more…)