Weight Loss MAP to Freedom

Eating to Counter Anxiety and Fatigue

Most people I meet who are overweight, over eat. It’s also likely that some of the foods they eat can’t be absorbed and/or digested by their body. So their mind body system is underfed, malnourished and stressed out. It’s no wonder they complain of fatigue and anxiety and crave simple carbs and fatty foods.

As a psychologist, I look to food second to explain the symptoms a client describes. First I ask about their current life situations. So often it is both that lead to the distress they feel in their body and mind. This fact generated this post and I could write hundreds more on this topic. But I will start with a couple of suggestions you can incorporate into your life right now. Why wait! (more…)

Changing Course the Easier Way

Have you been avoiding changing the course of a meaningful part of  your life because it’s so darn hard to do? For as many times as you’ve been successful, there are likely more times that the old ways return seemingly stronger than ever. We’ve all been there, but there’s an easier way.

Here are 4 steps that make changing easier because when changing is filled with wonder, paying attention to your life, and finding your direction unfolding in front of you, you’ll never feel completely lost and alone in the climb up the mountain.


Which Meditation Quiets the Brain Most?

Hello ladies. I’m writing to you on Wondering Wednesday about a study on meditation and the brain that intrigues me. Essentially they came to the conclusion that an open focused non-directive meditation causes more activity in the brain, in the thought and emotional processing area, than does concentration meditation.

Researches out of Norway using brain imaging, discovered the areas in the brain that activate when a subject was doing non-focused meditation were quite active processing thoughts and emotions. This surprised the researchers.

They expected the “work” of concentrating on a specific focus would lead to more activity in the brain, then would no focus. So they concluded that the non-focused state in the brain was the resting state or a “resting network.”

Here’s my hypothesis of what is going on here: Our brains are hardwired to (more…)