Weight Loss MAP to Freedom

Weigh Yourself to Lose Weight

My heart went pitter patter reading about a recent study that confirmed my belief that people who weigh themselves regularly lose more weight than those who don’t.

In this study, one group weighed themselves once a week, the other not at all. In my weight loss MAPPING program, I want you to weigh yourself every morning – naked.

The feedback you’ll get will inform the food decisions you make that day. You can’t help yourself!!  Sure it may take you awhile to stop resisting and use  the information you’re getting by making different choices, but beginning to weigh yourself is the beginning of losing weight.

Plus, from the numbers on the scale you will see YOUR patterns:

  • in your body
  • from the food you eat
  • timing of your meals
  • time of the  month
  • whether you exercise or not
  • and so on

A scale is your private, sacred, loudmouthed for our ears only, best friend. So use and lose it!

 My Winter Weight Loss Workshop is happening Saturday Jan. 24 and part 2 on Feb. 7. Pre-registration is required and space is limited. We have a couple of spaces available. Go to this page for more info and the link to register for the class.

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