Weight Loss MAP to Freedom

Where the Body and Mind Connect in the Brain

Most people think to start with food when they attempt to lose weight. So what’s wrong with that you ask?

In Weight Loss MAP to Freedom mentoring my clients start with something that’s related to food but is not the food. Any ideas as to where weight loss really begins?

To be successful, it begins with awareness.  Awareness of eating.  Awareness of how different foods make you feel.  Awareness of how you feel in your body or your mind before you reach for food.

And this begins with developing your awareness of what is going on in the present moment, both around you and inside of you. So many women live in their heads, rather than in the moment. Thoughts about past and future often take over experiencing the present. (This is a deep statement so I will talk more about it in other posts or with you personally.)

Strengthening your awareness changes how the neurons fire and connect in your brain. Paying attention to what’s happening in the moment, in your body for example, will prime your mind and therefore your brain to be more aware naturally on a regular basis.

Now that your world has opened up more due to you being aware of more in the moment, your life will be a richer experience, you’ll take in more and have more options and choices come into view throughout your day. Why does this matter to losing weight?  It matters because when you are involved in your life more, by being aware of what’s happening in the present, puts eating  food when you aren’t hungry and don’t need the nutrition, way down the list of all choices you have to feel good.

When your mind is  involved and  noticing what’s going on in the present rather than focusing on past emotions (and past could be 5 minutes ago, or earlier in the day) and your body is nutritionally hunger free, you will not take-in unnecessary calories when you might otherwise would have had you begun to eat out of boredom or emotional upset or to deal with stress from the day.

This is alot to take in at one time if it’s new to you.  Don’t be discouraged.  Awareness comes in in stages and we are all students of developing our awareness wider. Please keep reading my blog as I will be writing about this topic again and again. Or connect with me by email or phone.

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